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Senior News - Courtesy of the New York Times

The Effects of Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Readers discuss how the elderly and those will disabilities may suffer.

Scientists Discover a Key to a Longer Life in Male DNA

Researchers have found a genetic mutation linked to longer life span — but only in men. It joins a very short list of gene variants with similar effects.

Hearing Aids at the Mall? Congress Could Make It Happen

Under the proposed Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017, the devices would become more widely available and much cheaper.

Why Does Hair Turn Gray at a Young Age?

Smoking, nutrition and many other factors may contribute to graying locks.

Review: ‘If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast’ Finds Vigor After 90

Carl Reiner hosts an HBO documentary about people who have stayed active and engaged as they near the century mark or pass it.

Mortgages for Seniors? Available, but Exacting

Retirees who have been out of the mortgage-application process for a while might be surprised at all the extra hoops they have to jump through.

Older Women and Medical Marijuana: A New Growth Industry

Some who have had their pain alleviated by cannabis are starting businesses to help others.

A 1-Hour Walk, 3 Times a Week, Has Benefits for Dementia

Regular, brisk walks improved thinking skills in older people with a common form of age-related memory loss.

Baby Boomers Look to Senior Concierge Services to Raise Income

The concierges help their customers complete the relatively mundane activities of everyday life, a way for the semi- and fully retired to continue to work.

Planning to Age in Place? Find a Contractor Now

Virtually all single-family homes lack features needed to accommodate aging owners’ limitations. But there are specialists prepared to help fix that.